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hypermedia Our requirement analysis and reporting service provides a detailed overview of the network infrastructure and details of any weaknesses and potential accessibilities.

pattonCOPPERLINK Patton's award-winning Ethernet Extender solutions extend long-range Ethernet farther & faster. New CopperLink™ Ruggedized and Multi-Drop Ethernet Extenders Exploit Existing Copper Cable to Reach Use CopperLink™ Ethernet extension solutions to extend Ethernet services to your users located far beyond distance limitations. With Patton's Ethernet Extender solutions you can extend long-range Ethernet over existing voice-grade copper wiring, up to 5 miles over a single twisted pair.

pattonSMARTNODE SmartNode VoIP solutions are more than just talk.SmartNode integrates IP and TDM communications for Enterprise and Carrier access networks, offering VoIP gateways combined with IP access routing, WAN transmission, and VoIP border router functionality. Patton and RUN Communications Team Up to Offer Canada VoIP Gateways that Just Work SmartNode scales from 1 to 2,048 VoIP or fax calls with various telephony interfaces including analog FXS/FXO and digital ISDN BRI, PRI, DS3 and STM-1.

pattonBODi rS High Availability Fixed & Mobile Routers Patton's BODi rS (Bandwidth-on-Demand internet) is small, light and full featured. Unique bonding, load balancing and failover technology ensures bandwidth robustness and network survivability. Patton Appoints ABP to Distribute BODi rS Bandwidth-on-Demand Internet Routers. All this combined with IPsec VPNs and WiFi mesh capability makes BODi rS the ideal fixed or mobile solution for secure, seamless network connectivity and backup. Always. Everywhere.

pattonVISUALITY The Patton® Visuality™ Model T7714 Multichannel Store and Stream DVR provides a complete and secure video, audio, and GPS surveillance solution with integrated capture, DVR storage, and streaming. Full Definition (704x480) and Full Frame Rate (30 fps) on All Inputs—Records video at D1 (704x480) size, 30 frames-per-second (fps) while simultaneously streaming at SIF (352x240) size, 15 fps. When recording is disabled, video content can be streamed at a max resolution of D1 (704x480) size, 25 fps. Flexible Video Recoding Rates—H.264 encoder supports D1, VGA, SIF, QVGA, QSIF, & QQVGA video resolutions at 5~30 fps.

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