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hypermedia GENBAND is a global leader in smart networking solutions for service providers and enterprises in more than 80 countries. From the Core to the Edge to the Experience™, the company’s technology seamlessly evolves IP networks to new levels in scalability, security, profitability and efficiency. GENBAND’s market-leading technology facilitates multimedia voice, data and video sessions and “anywhere” and “any device” services that scale on public and private networks. GENBAND is headquartered in Frisco, Texas, and has R&D, sales and support resources in more than 50 countries.
hypermedia gatewaysCall session controllers are the critical switching elements that enable voice and multimedia calls and sessions to traverse networks, enabling a seamless user experience. They are the core components in advanced architectures like IMSLiTE and IMS. GENBAND is the market leader in this category with three state-of-the-art, carrier class platforms: C20, C15, and C3 Call Session Controllers. These platforms are used by service providers and enterprises to grow revenue, offer new voice and multimedia services, transform or replace costly legacy switching, and converge disparate mobile and fixed networks.

hypermedia gatewaysMedia gateways have seen successive enhancements in the last decade. Starting out as simply TDM to IP media converters, they are now integral components of communications architectures like IMS, providing advanced capabilities to create a seamless user experience by mediating voice and multimedia sessions over IP to TDM, TDM to TDM, and IP to IP.

GENBAND is the market leader in media gateways and has the world's richest and most diverse portfolio with the CONTiNUUM™ product line that includes the G9 Converged Gateway, the G6 Universal Gateway, the G5 Line Access Gateway, and the G2 Compact Gateway.

hypermedia gatewaysSecurity Gateway The QUANTiX SeGW is the market’s most scalable platform, reaching up to 1.2 million IPSec tunnels per blade with sub second failover. It provides exceptional levels of security, seamless mobility between network types and market-leading IP Security/Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IPsec/IKEv2) tunnel performance. The SeGW is a single platform for common services across Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and small cells and provides smooth migration to 4G. It supports multiple standards-based functions including standalone small cells (residential and enterprise) and indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi integrated with small cells.

hypermedia gatewaysGENBAND’s QUANTiX™ family of SBCs are market-leading, intelligent Session Border Controllers that enable a SMART EDGE™ for fixed, mobile, cable, and Over-the-Top operators and enterprises. Deployed globally in some of the world’s largest networks, QUANTiX SBCs provide industry-leading scale, security, session management, policy control, and deployment flexibility to enable seamless SIP Trunking, IP eXchange (IPX), Peering, Intra-Network Interconnect, Unified Multimedia Communications, VoLTE, and RCS solutions in IMSLiTE, IMS, and enterprise networks. The QUANTiX family of SBCs have smart session management technology that reduces operational complexity and simplifies the network edge by securely managing, routing, and controlling real-time voice and multimedia sessions.

hypermedia gatewaysGENBAND's EXPERiUS™ application server simplifies and enriches the user experience by providing fully-featured, IP-based multimedia communications applications for both business and consumers. EXPERiUS integrates voice, video, instant messaging, presence, mobility, conferencing and collaboration over any network and any device, including tablets and other mobile devices, IP phones, legacy desk sets, desktops, web, and TV.

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