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grandstream ip phones To meet the growing demand for integrated and automated systems specifically-designed for surveillance, storage and administration of digital and analog cameras, the Digifort System presents the new concept of Digital Governance which completely changes the way in which companies and small businesses perform in the area of physical security and personal safety.

Making use of the most advanced concepts of digital intelligence in the area of surveillance and physical security, the Digifort System embarks upon a new age in the active and passive surveillance of security cameras, integrating solutions and offering the most modern in terms of surveillance, access control and automation, in distributed and accessible manner using the most varied means of comunication used in by the organization.
digium pri cardsSurveillance and recording software for closed-circuit TV based on TCP/IP nets with the ability to control and view images of IP or analog cameras connected by video servers or codifiers, as well as to record the images for later selective search and retrieval.
The software has a friendly graphic interface based on Windows and display of screens, functions, menus, help windows and manuals in the chosen language and is also available in 4 versions to meet the needs of the market. The Enterprise was developed for the purpose of preserving the clients' investments, maintaining all of the characteristics of the previous versions allied with new and exclusive features, as well as provide greater scalability for future expansions, with no limitation of software features.

digium pri cardsLPR System is one of the most-awaited features by the clients of Digifort. which handles the recognition of vehicle license plates in low and high velocities. With LPR it will be possible to store and manage vehicle plates, having a data bank of Digifort's own, capable of being integrated with third-party systems for the analysis of data referring to vehicles. In addition, LPR allows the user to take measures when a registered plate is identified.The virtual sensor is triggered by the motion detection of the automobile, the system recognizes the plate of the vehicle when it passes in the designated area of the camera. The virtual sensor eliminates the use of accessories that initialize the plate reading, but virtual sensor require more processing of the server.

digium pri cardsThe Biometric Reader is an integrated equipment in Digifort that allows control of system logins via Biometrics. The biometric login eliminates leakage problems, management, and loss of passwords and even strengthens the security of the system.
Easy capture of the finger print Better control of users Improved security system > USB Connection
> Easy installation
> Easy capture of the finger print
> Better control of users

digium pri cardsAlarm and Automation Module By way of an I/O controller Ethernet interface, specially developed for our software, the client can manage the entire alarm system of his company, commerce, public organ or any establishment that needs this solution as well as contribute to its automation.
Basically, this device offers input ports (dry contacts), output ports (relays), and an Ethernet port, which will transmit the data to the surveillance center by way of a local, optical fiber or wireless networks, in addition to private data lines or Internet. The Commbox devices offer a fast and efficient way of remotely controlling other devices by way of a TCP/IP net and can be used for the surveillance of remote units, such as schools, health centers, hospitals, sports centers, banks, supermarkets, public installations, or any other environment that needs special surveillance.

digium pri cardsDigifort Keyboard Controller Digifort DGF-KB1000 was developed to give greater speed and facilitate the entire operation of the Digifort surveillance, eliminating keyboard, mouse and joystick. The keyboard is a multi-use with dual functions and has an integrated joystick with variable speed pan, tilt and PTZ functions.

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